It’s About Knock-Down

Our patented Threaded Tenons™ allow the woodworker/carpenter to frame both small and large projects in “knock-down” format, that is, to be built in a manner that allows the components to be assembled, disassembled, and then reassembled an unlimited number of times. Unlike pocket holes, screws, hanger-bolts or nails components joined with our tenons will not lose structural integrity through repeated disassembly. Unlike Dominos, biscuits, Bead-Lock or traditional wood tenons there is no glue at the mortise-to-tenon joint, again meaning the components can be disassembled and reassembled. This repeatable knock-down capability means the components can be “dry-fitted” to confirm proper fit and then disassembled for final sanding, staining, painting; to package/crate in a much smaller container substantially reducing shipping costs; to move large items (like beds, bunks, lofts, dining tables etc) through narrow door openings or up stairs/elevators; or to allow fabrication of even larger projects such as raised garden beds, gazebos, pergolas and timber-frame buildings in an environmentally controlled indoor shop and later assembled on the job site.



So… If you decide you’d like to go “knock-down” on your next project then there are several ways to learn how to incorporate our patented Threaded Tenon Joinery™.

Here, in Door County, WI(or other venues TBA) using the Project Tutorials as our curriculum, we build entire projects and then disassemble the components to be taken home. Remember, because we use Threaded Tenon Joinery®,  the assembled project can be broken down into components small enough to fit in the trunk of a VW Beetle. The really large projects (i.e. gazebos, pergolas, timberframe…) will easily fit in the back of a pickup truck or SUV.

If attending a hands-on workshop isn’t in the cards then the next best option might be to participate in an online “Private Session” where you and I build a project over a 30 day period. We will communicate frequently via live face-to-face sessions and in a one-on-one forum. members.

If all else fails then viewing the Project Tutorials might be just what the doctor ordered. Although these tutorials are intended as the curriculum for our Hands-on Woodworking Workshops or a Virtual Woodworking Workshop these videos, with clickable Table of Contents, take a project from start-to-finish paying special attention to “sequencing”.

  • Access is limited to 60 days from purchase.
  • Access is included with the purchase of any related Project Kit or…
  • Access can be purchased separately with the entire fee being credited to your next Project Kit purchase.
  • Access includes both Read and Write privileges to the Forum for that same project
  • Please note that tutorial access does not include user-to-instructor direct contact.

Project Kits.


We know once a woodworker/carpenter builds a project with our Threaded Tenons™ they will realize just how versatile these things are and will begin to incorporate the system into their own methods. To get that rolling we are designing projects where our system really shines. We field-test our drawings by videotaping the construction of each project in our shop confirming the best “sequence” for making sawdust; the perfect GRK fastener size; the correct threaded bolt length; and whether a router template or a drill press is the best option for creating the mortises. We then package the parts (exclusive of wood) into a “Project Kit” and then place the kits in our online store. The hardware is shipped to the woodworker and access to the included Project Tutorial, Project Forum and Project Group becomes immediately available.

Our U.S. Patents

“The United States Patent Office (USPTO) grants patents to inventions that meet three main criteria. The invention must be novel, nonobvious, and useful. To be novel, an invention must be substantially different from anything else that is public knowledge…”.

It’s not easy (or cheap) to get a U.S. Patent but we did it, not only once but two other patent applications are well on their way along with several USPTO trademarks.
  • USPTO Design Patent #xxxxx (TBA July 2019)
  • USPTO Provisional Utility Patent Filed 2018
  • USPTO Non-Provisional Utility Patent Pending
  • USPTO Trademark “Tenons on Steroids®”

All of the above are quite significant and rare in the long established field of woodworking. It was, however, the “perfect storm” of new technologies, laser fabrication and interest in DIY woodworking that makes our system functional and patentable. One of the key components, to both the US Patent Office approval and the real-life benefits of our Threaded Tenon Joinery™ system, is the ability to create “knock-down” woodworking projects and structures.