Project Kits


To get things rolling we’ve designed a series of woodworking projects that incorporate one, two or all three Tenons on Steroids® joinery methods. We field-test our drawings by building each project in our own shop. Once we’ve worked out the bugs we videotape the complete sequence, start-to-finish (including the SketchUp design phase), and place teaser segments of that video on YouTube. We then package a “kit” for each project including all specialty hardware, templates(if any), and other hard-to-find components. (In most cases we leave the lumber and heavy metal up to you.). These Project Kits are then available for purchase in our Online Store.  The purchaser also receives immediate access to the downloadable SketchUp (.skp) design file; the printable PDF Cut-List file; login credentials for 24/7 access to the Online Course tutorials; and both read AND WRITE access to the Forum for that same project.