3 08, 2019

210 – Raised Garden Bed

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Project #210 - Raised Garden BedThere is a lot going on behind the scenes on this "Raised Garden Bed Project". In fact, the "Panel Method" used here is the same that we will see for an entire series of projects including beds, bunk beds, dorm-room lofts and even for small structures. On [...]

21 07, 2019

103 – Sofa Server Table

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Project #103 - Sofa Server TableThese little tables are really, really handy to hold coffee cups, adult beverages, cell phone, remote control, mouse pad, laptop… whatever. Although most “sofa server tables” are designed to be supported by tucking under the couch my version has steel “ballast” hidden at the bottom so can be [...]

21 07, 2019

114 – Hall Table Project

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Project #114 - Hall TableInitially this “Hall Table” was designed for wheelchair accessibility with only a single leg and steel “ballast”. We have modified the plan to include two legs. The project assumes a top consisting of some sort of filler ranging in thicknesses from 1/8" to 3/4" then covered by a clear, [...]

12 07, 2019

301 – Sign Posts Project

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Project #301 - Sign Posts at The ClearingThe Clearing, a non-profit Folk School in Door County, needed to replace the directional signs on their 128 acre site. In keeping with the Jens Jensen vision the folks at The Clearing decided they would like to use some of the large, donated old barn beams. [...]